I love old graveyards. These tombstones and bodies age back to the late 1800’s.


5 responses to “Graves

  1. Wow… I have walked hundreds of ancient graveyards… through the hottest of hott (that’s h-o-double t) in search of family history. I feel my soul synch with every ancient stone I come across… and so I stand there in dumb amazement and awe… these hit home. Thank you!

    • Thank You! I have a few better photographs, but these were just the ones I turned in for a mini assignment. I love the distressed tombstones.They become more artistic than literal over time.

  2. Some people find it really strange but this is something I love to do as well. I have spent time wandering, ghost hunting (Even though cemeteries are not usually haunted), and just using them as a quiet place to read. Love these shots 🙂

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