Dessert for Two


This is a a figurative series of relationships. Each homemade dessert had three images. The first image is of the dessert, or relationship, untouched. The second image shows the dessert as it has been halfway eaten showing the beginning of turmoil. In the end and final image, the forks are left messy with nothing else to eat.


3 responses to “Dessert for Two

  1. I do not know if I interpreted it correctly but does that mean that the final image is telling us that relationships will always end no matter what? Seems so tragic to me by your use of the words “alone” and “messy”. :))
    BUT! You really did a great job on symbolism. That is indeed art

    • You can interpret it however you want! But it doesn’t nessicarily mean it ends no matter what, it’s symbolizing that most relationships go through problems and in the end you can still be together but are left with the mess.

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