A Blog About Photography

A little bit of my back story!-
I’m born and raised in North Carolina. My favorite color is green, I’m gluten-free, and animal friendly. I spend most of my days making art, working in retail, loving on my boston terrier and my boyfriend Simon, who I met when I first arrived at college. Now we plan to start a business in portraiture after we graduate. My passion for photography began when I hit double digits in years. I began shooting film with a Minolta, but I’ve never experienced the technique of developing my own film. I’ve been improving with every photograph I make. Now in my life I’m really starting to shape who I am and what I have to offer.

As a photographer, I’m a perfectionist. I look at everything in my frame and make sure it’s there for a reason. With that being said, I photograph portraits, people and pets! I also love nature and still lives. My perfectionism really helps with photography because I’m always looking for a way to improve a photograph. My main expertise is long exposure portraits. They have the effect of a painting. I love that I can create a paint-like photograph without the brushes! (I’m a terrible at painting). My photography also seems to go into dark emotions, something I never knew I had so much interest in. But when brainstorming, my mind automatically wants to tell a story with dark tones and effects through imagery. My style is always improving and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


8 responses to “A Blog About Photography

  1. Hello Megan! Thanks for visiting my blog recently and for clicking the follow button. I really appreciate new viewers, especially with such an eye as yours. best wishes, Philippa

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